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we have a team of experienced professionals who are experts in their fields. Our focus on delivering high quality, innovative engineering solutions, combined with our commitment to customer service, makes us a trusted partner for businesses in the power generation and oil & gas industries, as well as other industrial sectors.

We provide high quality engineering solutions

from new investment to modernization and renovation projects of existing facilities.
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About Our Company

Abra Engineering: Precision engineering for a balanced solution

Our company was established in 2011 by three METU graduates who have 20 years of experience on automation control systems and power industry. In such a short period of time, we have undertaken huge projects and completed them successfully. With our experience and scientific approach, we contribute to the power generation and oil & gas industries, together with other industrial sectors with engineering solutions, material supply, assembly, testing and commissioning services in the fields of process control and automation systems, power technology, electrical, mechanical systems and process engineering. The company name ABRA, which means the smallest weight used in order to make balance on scales is our guide and motto. For us, the main attitude should be to capture the precise solution. In line with our targets, we are happy and proud to support our customers achieve precise solutions.

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What We Provide

Engineering Services


We act as an independent specialist for instrumentation and control engineering services in power plants and process industry. Therefore, we offer optimized solutions with high quality to our customers.


With experts from around the world, we provide complete project life cycle support services to end users and OEMs including: - Control system philosophy - Control system user requirement specification - Control system functional designs specification ....

Advanced Process Control

Tuning is very critical for optimized process control. It is usually handled by commissioning engineers and as a result it’s seen as a time consuming, repetitive, non-productive and complex engineering activity. It may be very difficult to perform correct tuning even if it’s well defined during the design phase.


We provide control optimization that can include redesign of control structures. We evaluate the existing control loop structures to prepare the path of control imrovement for optimization and implement the control improvements. We can also commission and test the control system and finally present an understandable result sheet of optimization works performed.


We provide the digital solutions with digital know-how to the industries for their transformation into the digital industry. Digitalization improves the productivity, sustainability and safety. Integration of Digital Technologies into your system makes you more smarter, more efficient and more safer.


We provide high-performance, safe solutions with our expertise of electrical systems for new-build and retrofit projects. We deliver the electrical system projects as a complete package; - problem analysis, - solution finding - engineering stages - installation, - commissioning and handover.

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At Abra Mühendislik

we offer a wide range of high quality, innovative engineering solutions for businesses in the power generation and oil & gas industries, as well as other industrial sectors.

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